How to Use Joomla as a Blogging Platform

Out of the box Joomla might not be the most blogging-friendly CMS or at least not in the sense WordPress is. However, it’s still very easy to use Joomla for blogging. First of all during the final step of your Joomla installation you should choose the Blog English Sample Data which will set up Joomla in such a way that it looks and feels more like a blog website.

Managing Blog Posts

Let’s create our first blog post. After logging in the Joomla admin area in the top menu, choose Content, hover over Article Manager, and then select the Add New Article option. There’s quite a few things you can do with that post but I’ll focus on the basics here. Apart from actually writing the content for the post, all you need is to fill in the Title and set the category to Blog. If you don’t set the category the post won’t appear on your blog’s home page. When you’re done click the Save button located at the top left part of the screen and your post will be live. A cool option to use when you have lots of posts showing on your home page is to add a ‘Read more’ button – a helpful navigation option and it saves some space on the front page too.

I’m going to show you how to do that for every post you write. Open the post you want to add the button to by going to Content –> Article Manager. Open the article you want to edit by clicking its’ name. Now move your mouse cursor to where you’d wish to place the ‘Read more’ button. Take a look at the toolbox in the editor – you’ll see the Read More option. Click it and a red dotted line will appear in your post. If you switch to HTML view you’ll notice that Joomla has actually inserted the <hr id=”system-readmore” /> tag. Click Save and check out the home page to see your ‘read more’ button!

Removing the Header Image

Previously I showed you how to change the header in your Joomla installation but let’s say you’d like to not have it at all. You can easily do that by clicking on Extensions –> Module Manager in the admin menu. If you remember the header image is contained in an custom HTML module. We simply have to disable it. Deselect the green check box to the left of the Image module – it’s now deactivated.

Customizing the Home Page

A thing lots of people might want to do is change how many articles are shown on the home page of their blog. Joomla lets you change that with just a few clicks. Select Menus from the admin area where you’ll see a list. Click on the list item that’s marked with a yellow star and select the Advanced Options tab. We’re interested in the Blog Layout Options – click to expand it and search for the Leading Articles parameter. Change the value with the number of articles you wish to have on the front page and click save.

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